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Artificial Grass for Putting greens

We offer a range of artificial grass for putting greens to ensure a perfect surface that delivers an authentic playing experience. We also supply hole cups with steel edging and offer bespoke putting green areas (if required).  The Nylon Pro Surface is our top-of-the-range putting surface, which offers tournament-like playing and attributes to both the professional and amateur golfer. The surface plays at medium/fast velocity for recreational use and slow/medium velocity when championship targeted.  This turf grass is amazing for any golfing experience.  Artificial grass for putting greens is a great way to add to your golf days.

A fringe of Lazy Supreme or Wonder Yarn can enhance the whole putting area and enables you to practice your

artificial grass for putting greens
artificial grass for putting greens

chipping and pitching. Why not consider a 2-tier green with our Wonder Yarn 26mm and 36mm?  Artificial grass for putting greens is affordable and provides a great patch for relaxing fun right in your front or back yard.  We can even put it inside, really, it’s simple to have installed.  A garden putting green is amazing to have have around to have some friends over.  Chat it up a bit whilest breaking in your low cost artificial putting green.   We also offer artfiicial sample grass should you be interested.

Artificial Grass for Putting Greens for Trade Shows

Artificial grass for putting greens can also be set up for trade shows.  Or even in a commercial setting like a hotel.  What about put-put golf options?  Yes, you can provide a unique experience for your guests and customers by offering a miniature gold course on your property, roof top, parking lot or

Artificial turf for putting greens UK
Artificial turf for putting greens UK

even inside.  It can be made removable but the use of some wooden structures.  Or ad a permanent options to your yard.  This is only limited on your creativity and your budget.  Our creative staff is happy to assist as well.  Give us a call.

For inspiration, view our Artificial Putting Green gallery

We have a few options for the Artificial Grass Putting Greens give us a call.  Besides the Nylon Pro range, we also recommend the Meadow Twist Emerald.  Due to its versatile nature and its suitability for a number of applications. This range is a popular choice for both commercial and domestic applications. The Grass Park product is another fantastic surface. Not only is it suitable for putting, it can also be used as a walkway.

Artificial Grass for Putting Greens for Schools

Schools often offer a golfing program.  So, why not get some artificial turf putting greens for practice?  Just like the real thing, these greens, well, are used as the real thing.  You could have practice in the backyard of the school.  These could also be great for various school events such as a field day and such.  They are low cost investment to save on getting players to the putting greens each day.  There are various options to choose from.  Budget Artificial Grass is a great way to add to your school activity list.  Students are wanting to learn the basics in golf for gym?  Here is your answer.  These turfs are build to withstand high traffic areas for commercial use.  So a School yard would be perfect.