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APPLICATION – Artificial Grass for EVENTS

Gloucester Artificial Lawns has provided turf grass for events and sports events in the country over the past few years,. Some were very prestigious.  We even supply artificial grass UK for weddings to create a stunning outdoor feel in an

Artificial Grass for Venues
Artificial Grass for Venues

indoor space.  The fake grass cost is minimal for that wonderful outdoor feel but the indoor predictability.   Banquet Room owners can offer a very unique experience.  This makes for amazing advertising.  Outdoor weddings are quite popular but the weather is not always cooperative.  This option gives the outdoor feel without the unpredictable weather.  Synthetic Grass for events can even be used to make up the couples name in the lawn.  Or we can offer decor such as hedges and plants for great backdrop areas for photos.  See More.

Bring the Outdoors inside.  We are happy to come out and look at the area as well.  Do you have a booth at a local show?  We are happy to fit your booth with grass a well.  This idea of bringing the outside, inside is very easy and can even be made portable.  Fitting artificial grass for events is simple and we are here to help.

Artificial Grass for Events Available and Ready for Delivery

We have multiple rolls of artificial grass available for hire and to buy and we can even deliver and install.  Don’t know how to install artificial grass?  Well, this really is not something we recommend the average homeowner to even attempt.  The biggest issue is preparing the area for the fake grass.  Drainage and planning need done.  This is to

Artificial Grass for Weddings
Artificial Grass for Weddings

ensure the grass can drain and be cleaned properly after installation.  Much larger issues will happen if the grass is not installed correctly.  We have a crew that will come up and fit your area for the grass. Prepare with proper drainage and the laying down of any underlying surfaces that need done.

Would you like to wow your event goes?  Artificial Grass made to show the venue shoppers a unique display.  Artificial grass can be used to make a wonderful logo or something an event browser will notice. Create an Instagram sensation and run a contest with your unique design.  This is a great way to promote your service and have people remember you.  Give us a call.  We have done some amazing things with Grass.  What about making a mini football field for the next sporting event?  The possibilities are endless.  Give us a Call.

Event Planning

Are you planning and even that fake grass would really make a statement?  Looking for cheap artificial grass that looks like real grass?  Wanting that great out door look without the outdoor bugs?  We hear you.  Offering a great selection of fake grass that doesn’t look, well, fake!  We also have it in colors and designs that are more of the average artificial turf look.  The possibilities are endless.


Key Benefits of our Service

 Extend your home with a beautiful garden.
 Your property value increases many times the initial value.
 Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age.
 All round certified and insured landscapers.
 Our Landscapers attend annual training seminars.