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Domestic Artificial Lawn Application

Domestic Artificial Lawn Application is a great solution for any family or single person alike.  If you don’t care to keep up your lawn all summer but enjoy the look of it.  We have artificial solutions for you.  Flowering plants are a great way to add a splash of color.  And, did we mention we have artificial hedges as well.  Yes, we can even take your rooftop eye sore to a level of artificial beauty you would have never imaged.  Artificial lawns and Artificial Plants have come a long ways in the recent years.  Fool your neighbors into thinks you’ve become quite the gardening expert.  Call us today!


Are you looking for a low maintenance solution for your front garden? Look no further, Gloucester Artificial Lawns can help. Having artificial grass installed in the front of your property is a real time saver. In general people use the front garden as an entrance or simply as parking. So why would you want the headache of regular maintenance?  Our artificial grass is made for low

Back Garden Artificial Grass
Back Garden Artificial Grass

maintenance areas and the front is an ideal place to have it installed. Once installed, there is no need for mowing or watering, you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful low maintenance front garden.  Our front lawn option is cost effective as well.  Think of how much you spend on a lawn mowing service or servicing it yourself.  The water bill and weed killer and grass feed.  You will ask yourself why, why didn’t you call sooner.  Give us a call at 07913134908.


Your back garden is your own piece of private space, so let us help you take away the stress of the upkeep. Unlike the front, we love spending time in our back gardens. We find ourselves counting down the days to spring summer.  So, that we can enjoy our private space in the comfort of our home.  Whether it be BBQ’s, parties or just reading a book. The rear garden is where we spend our outdoor time at home.  Although some people love gardening, there are a lot of us that simply hate the maintenance or simply do not have the time to maintain our gardens, due to our busy lifestyles. That’s where artificial grass can save the day.

Low maintenance artificial grass, looks fantastic all year round, allowing you to get the very best of your garden, without the garden getting the best of you!

If your looking for a free quote to replace existing outdoor space, call us at Gloucester Artificial Lawns today.


With many of us now residing in flats and conversions, balconies and roof terraces are often our only little bit of the outdoors in our home.  Our Artificial grasses are perfect for this. Give yourself a gorgeous lawn to look at and cover up that ugly cement.

Why not enjoy the stunning views of Gloucestershire from your balcony or roof terrace and add

Artificial Grass for the Garden
Artificial Grass for the Garden

a splash of color to your outdoor space and create that extra special place with artificial grass.  We also have artificial grasses, Flowering Plants, Tropical trees and more.  We are ready and prepared to make your outside oasis a reality.  And, no need to worry about what your dirt contains.  We can make a cement porch or rooftop look like an amazing lawn.

Rooftop Garden

Looking for a rooftop garden?  Are you limited on space and undecided on what to do there.  Do you like the thought of a green lush garden but your roof is going to fry any plant that tries to exists there?  Well, we have a solution.  We offer Commercial Grade Artificial Plants for your root top terrace.  Everything you need to turn that ugly unusable roof into something amazing!!  We are happy to look at your roof and give you some design ideas that will make your roof look like it came from a magazine.  Our Artificial Grass is even safe for pet owners!  Keep Fido happy with some plush lawn under his paws without the dirt and holes.

Sound good to you?! Get a quote today for our award winning balcony grass that will light up any outdoor terrace or rooftop garden.