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Schools and Nurseries Artificial Lawn can make an amazing play space.  Imagine a mud free children’s outdoor space?Artificial grass in schools and nurseries is becoming an extremely popular solution throughout the UK. If you’re a nursery owner or a school buyer, then the benefits of installing artificial grass are endless. No mud, no hassle, no maintenance, just beautiful lawns all year round, and that’s without even considering the financial savings over the long term.  These lawns stay nice and healthy year around.  There is no need for a lawn crew or service to mow, weed, cut, prune, etc.  We also can m

Playgrounds enjoy Artificial Lawn
Playgrounds enjoy Artificial Lawn

ake hedge fences as well to contain the children in a more eye appealing way.  School lawns go under attach with children at play.  Our commercial grade lawn is up for the task.  Check out our other services here.

Nurseries use Artificial Lawn

Schools and Nurseries Artificial Lawn, it also gives your outdoor areas the wow and fun factor, with our range of colors available. By opting for artificial grass, you can be sure that you will be reassuring new parents that their child will have all year fun on this lawn that you have invested in.  We can make creative designs.  Put your logo into your lawn and more.  Let us help you design a beautiful playscape.  The playground should be beautiful and safe.  Our artificial grass is safe for them to play on and beautiful year around.


Artificial grass has many benefits to commercial business. Whether you are a local authority, restaurant or small business, we are confident that Gloucester Artificial Lawns will be able to help you with a low maintenance solution all year round.  Outside of the home, there are thousands of places that require maintenance and where our artificial grass would make a huge difference. The possibilities are endless.

We have installed in shopping centers, roadsides, roundabouts and sports arenas. The list goes on and on. Wherever the ground needs regular maintenance, the chances are artificial grass could be the ideal solution.

Commercial Applications for Artificial Plants

Artificial plants can be put together in some amazing ways.  We offer a wide selection of various colors of artificial lawn but we also have a great selection of plants and hedges.  Artificial lawns can even be pet friendly!  Of course there is a

Playground Artificial Grass Solution
Playground Artificial Grass Solution

bit of maintenance with this, as they will need to be cleaned as the pet’s use the lawn.  There is just proper need for the system to be installed with the dog’s needs in mind.  Whatever your looking for, wanting to make your lawn say the family name or have the neighbors jealous of your new hedges?  We are sure we can help with that.  We have installed Domestic and Commercial Artificial plant solutions across the UK.  These solutions are easy and maintenance free.  With only the top quality products used, they will not fade.

We can even make them not look “fake” or we can give you blue grass.  Whatever you wishes are, we are here to help.  So, if your Schools and Nurseries Artificial Lawn isn’t what you need.  We have other options.