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Artificial Hedges

At Gloucester Artificial Lawns we offer the best quality of artificial hedges, artificial hedge panels, artificial topiary, flowers, plants, foliage, trees and other artificial products in the UK market today.  Artificial hedging is amazing for those that love the look of the garden but without the maintenance.  We are certified and insured to install these hedges for your enjoyment for years to come.  Yes, we do all the planning, Engineering and landscaping install for you.  Extend the beauty of your home to the garden!  Our artificial hedges, topiary and plants are UV stable and weatherproof making them extremely suitable for outdoor use and long-term exterior and interior displays.  These are commercial quality artificial plants.

 Artificial Hedges and Plants are excellent alternative

Artificial hedges and plants are excellent alternative to real plants for creating instant garden fencing, decorative vertical green walls and hedge screening. Once the artificial hedging is installed you can sit back and enjoy your effortless botanical view. These are great for covering up those ugly chain link fences and making something look more of a green scape.  Our Artificial hedges are not those fake things your grandmother had but are very lifelike, lushful and beautiful.  People will think you spend hours in the garden and in fact you spend little to no time working but just relaxing.  Add in a few real flowers to bring in the wildlife like birds and such.  Drown out the noise of the city with a beautiful artificial landscaped balcony or backyard.  This service will truly amaze you.  Give us a call.


Key Benefits of the Artificial Hedges Service

We only use licensed and insured landscapers for our Gloucester Artificial Lawns Installs.  Our Landscapers have to attend an annual training seminars.  They are there to improve the aesthetic garden beautify that will increase your curb appeal and return the property value.  This is what they do and they do it well at a great cost.  We are happy to have them aboard to lay out your garden to figuring out which plants are right for you.

Looking to Brighten up your Living Space with Artificial Plants?

Our artificial plants are a great way to brighten up your living space.  This could be your home, office, commercial building, hospital, hotel, restaurant and more.  Artificial plants are great way to take those harsh walls and soften them a bit.  Our artificial plants can make spaces liven up, be fun and affordable.  It is time to go beyond the normal paint, lighting and add to the overall ambiance of the room or space.  There are so many options out there that many are not even aware of to create a space all your own.  Do you have a case of the ugly corner?  We can make it into a tropical paradise that awaits you.  Just ask us.  We are here to help with any of your questions or concerns.

Commercial and Residential Artificial Hedge Applications Available

Ready for your home to look like a page out of the current magazine?  What about taking your decor to the next level.  Having guests ask, How did you do that?  This is amazing.  Well, we are the right choice for you.  Are you an interior designer?  Contact us, we love to work with other professionals in making our and your clients home the talk of the block.  And, commercial applications can be just as amazing.  Create that perfect look and feel for your restaurant or hotel.  Have a tropical paradise right in the middle of the room and create that “Wow” factor.  Give us a Call!