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Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial grass maintenance is easier than you might think.  It is definitely easier than mowing, weeding, trimming, fertilizing, oh my, the real stuff is tricky.  Artificial Grass Maintenance is great for long lasting grass.  Sometimes, Mats

artificial Grass Maintenance
artificial Grass Maintenance

occur in the grass fiber. To unmat these, you will need a brush or rack.  This is easy to simply rake or brush the fibers up.  This helps prevent matting and improves draining.  The majority of maintenance will be brushing and rinsing.  Leaves, dirt, and debris will fall onto the grass and it will need to be washed away.  The maintenance is far easier than real lawn and the time invested.  Artificial Turf is stain resistant.  Treat it like real grass. Call now and ask!  See More!

Artificial Grass Cleaning

Artificial grass cleaning is an easy task.  Usually, just a hose and things are back to normal. However, some dish soap or cleaning product can be used.  What if ketchup is spilled at the next family gathering?  This isn’t your ivory living room carpet, this is the lawn.  Do not panic.  Grab the hose and rinse it away.  The blades in artificial grass no matter if you have the pet artificial grass or standard artificial grass.  The grass is installed in a way that it can drain properly and not grow bacteria or become mildew and smelly.  The artificial grass industry has come a long way from your mother’s days.  We have state of the art, top of the line ways to install your new lawn for easy maintenance and normal use.

Kids and Artificial Turf

What about gum or other sticky things that come with kids?  Kids can be messy.  Again, this is not your living room Ivory carpet.  For sticky messes such as gum, if picked up quickly it will be an easy fix.  However, sometimes it gets squished in.  This requires more time.  A bit more fixing but it is not the end of the world.  Grab and ice cube.  Just when gum gets stuck in your hair it gets stuck in the lawn.  The fibers are stuck together by the gum.  Ice will chill the gum.  This retracts the gum.  And, it will release the fibers.  A toothbrush or some goo removal could be used as well.  The lawn is made of a polymer which is very robust.

Stains are not common on this at all.  A bit of soap and water is at best the necessary needs.  Use your common method of clean up for pet waste and rinse the rest away.
Clean Turf with water from the hose.  Afterall, it rains.  Rain will flow through to the soil below.  Treat the Turf to prevent smells and mildew.  It really is pretty amazing.

How to remove Bacteria from Artificial Grass

In General, Bacteria is not an issue in artificial grass. However, for your peace of mind, you want to ensure there isn’t a bacteria formation going on.  Spray the grass with gorilla grass enzyme cleaner.  gorilla grass enzyme cleaner is a great way to kill off Bacteria and it’s safe for the environment and pets.  If you have a pet, they can use the entire lawn.

However, some people prefer to train their pets to use just a special area.  Maybe a small fenced area that they clean more often than others.  A yard fertilizer spray tip for your hose would help with spreading the gorilla grass enzyme cleaner even and easily over the grass.  They make these for fertilizers, weed and bug control, however, replacing the mixture with gorilla grass enzyme cleaner is a great way to get a nice even coat on the lawn.  Then hose down for a second time with water for a good rinse.  Call us with Questions.