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Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial Grass for Dogs is possible.  Pets present a different and unique problem to having artificial grass, however, it’s pretty easy fix.  Before you have your artificial lawn installed ask yourself if you ever plan to have pets.  If so there are special kinds of grasses that will work best.  Artificial Grass can actually be cleaner than the real stuff.  It will look nice.  And, it will be safe for your dogs and cats as well.  Artificial grass for dogs just needs some considerations.  Such as pet waste areas and cleaning.  Along with the type of blades your grass has.  The artificial lawns need to be made of Polyethylene or Polypropylene and not Nylon material.  This is because of absorption.  And, there are special backing needs as well so your dog’s waste can filter through and the grass can be cleaned.

Artificial grass for Pets

Artificial grass for pet owners is possible.  This is actually a great alternative as they cannot dig or ruin the grass with their waste material.   And, pets won’t kill the grass either.  As pet urine can be high in Nitrogen which fries grass.  It should be highly permeable.  Have a Y like blade to ensure the under part stays cooler than the upper part of the blade, like real grass.  You are attempting to fool an animal.  Try to pick something that is very realistic to them.

Artificial Grass for Dogs

That’s right, we have the grass for you and your dog.  Most people don’t realize how far our industry has become. We now can make a fake lawn that looks amazing and real and can be used just like real grass.  No staining, no holes, digging, weeds just a beautiful lawn that your pet can use as well.  Can you image?  Put away your lawn mower, stop buying all those sprays and agents and just have beautiful grass.  Yes, this is a possible dream that can become a reality.  Great grass and you just get to enjoy it.  And, no, it won’t smell like the dog used the carpet as his personal bathroom.

Artificial Grass for Dogs is specially designed and installed to look like real grass.  Even to your pet.  Feel like real grass and be as maintenance free as possible.  Stain resistant and fully cleanable as well.  Special grasses are used for this that allow liquids and such to go through the underside where our special solutions are used to keep the grass clean and safe that begins at installation.  These amazing lawns will last up to 20 years if properly maintained.

Why Artificial Grass for Dogs?

Well, why not artificial grass for dogs?  Artificial turf is a great way to add amazing curb appeal to your home or business.  No worries if pets or other animals do get on the lawn as it’s prepared to be used like real lawn.  This goes for wild animals as well.  The wild animals are out there and walk all over your lawn on a regular basis.  Why not ensure your ready for them to use your lawn as they would any other.    Give us a call!