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Maintaining Your Artificial Lawn

Always keep in mind that your new artificial lawn is low maintenance, not no maintenance. Although it doesn’t require watering or mowing, you will need to do some maintenance to keep it looking good and lasting longer. At Gloucester Artificial Lawns, we recommend some light maintenance work once a month to keep your lawn in tip top shape!

How To Care For Your Artificial Lawn


Brushing your artificial lawn regularly is particularly important over the first 6-8 weeks. Only a light lawn brush is needed, as if done too forcefully could damage and misshape the grass.

After this time, brushing once a month is ideal, to keep it looking good. Be sure to brush it in different directions, to keep the pile looking nice and fluffy!

A medium soft bristle brush is better than a soft-bristled brush for this job and will be gentle, but effective on the artificial grass. The right brush will make a noticeable difference to how your lawn looks and feels.


Artificial lawn has a membrane backing that allows water drainage and minimizes the risk of weeds growing through. However, the odd tenacious weed may grow through and the best ways to deal with this are to firstly, simply take off the tops of the weeds when they show through. Alternatively, a weed killer can be sprayed on the grass, BUT do make sure that it is a water based solution, so as not to cause any damage to the artificial grass. Once the weeds are dead, they can be pulled up or brushed off.

We advise that any leaves or plants that fall onto the grass should be removed quickly, as a build-up could damage the drainage and encourage weed growth. Leaves and debris can be brushed up and/or removed with a leaf blower.


Most stains should be removed quite easily using hot soapy water, made up with washing up liquid. Other marks may need a cloth and mineral spirits. We recommend that animal mess is removed as soon as possible, followed by a wash of the area, if you feel that it needs it.


  • Do not use sharp objects such as trowels, forks or tent pegs on the grass
  • Keep sticky substances, such as chewing gum and glue away from the grass
  • Do not drive or park motor vehicles on the grass (bicycles etc are fine)
  • Do not use sources of heat, such as bonfires, barbeques or fireworks on the grass. Smoking whilst near the grass is also not advised.

Artificial grass is the perfect surface for animals and children to play on, however pay attention to how they treat it. Do not allow them to dig or pick blades of grass off, as it will not grow back!